Circular economy

At Microendo we are a company with a circular economy, we are 100% committed to the planet and to reducing global warming.

What is the circular economy?

Circular economy is a system that seeks to take advantage of resources to reduce, recycle and reuse everything that is discarded and give it a second life. A large number of companies are developing their businesses around a production model that is here to stay. It contrasts with the traditional linear economic model, based mainly on the “use and throw” concept, which requires large quantities of cheap and easily accessible materials and energy.

Why do we have to change to a circular economy?

To protect the environment; Reusing and recycling products would slow the use of natural resources, reduce landscape and habitat alteration, and help limit biodiversity loss. Another benefit of the circular economy is the reduction of total annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce dependence on raw materials; One of the reasons for moving towards a circular economy is the increase in demand for raw materials and the scarcity of resources. Several crucial raw materials are finite, and as the world’s population grows, demand also increases.

How do we do it at Microendo?

We prevent the plastics from our products from being left in the field and for this we developed a campaign called “Zero Plastic in the Field”, where we give our customers the possibility of returning their empty plastic containers and bags of the Microendo products to obtain a free product and thus encourage our customers not to contaminate the field with waste and accumulations of plastic.



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