Microendo at Capital Startup Capital in Guanajuato

Microendo participated with great success in the Capital Startup Capital event, held on November 8, 9 and 10, 2023 at the María Eugenio hacienda, in the municipality of Silao de la Victoria, Guanajuato.

Capital Startup Capital brought together more than 60 invited funds and investors, providing participating startups with access to capital from more than 5 countries that represent 80% of Venture Capital in Latin America. This event offered unique experiences such as Meet and Greet, Demo Day, Networking, Workshops and Capital Startup Capital Kids, providing an environment conducive to collaboration and the exchange of innovative ideas.

The Capital Startup Capital Summit not only represents a unique opportunity to access capital and key investors, but also to connect with visionary entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and fellow investors from Mexico and Latin America. This event is dedicated to exploring innovative ideas, fostering collaboration, and discovering the next wave of innovative startups prepared for success.

Microendo’s outstanding participation in this event demonstrates its commitment to innovation and its ability to stand out in a highly competitive environment. We congratulate Microendo on its successful participation in the Capital Startup Capital Summit and hope that this is just the beginning of future outstanding achievements.



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