An example of entrepreneurship and success in Jalisco

We have won second place in the prestigious contest for the Jalisco Entrepreneurship Award 2023, in the category of High Impact Entrepreneurship.

The Jalisco Entrepreneurship Award is a key initiative in the promotion and inspiration of Jalisco entrepreneurs, in line with the Law for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the State of Jalisco. This event, supported by the State Council for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship of the State of Jalisco, recognizes the most innovative ventures, with national or international presence, that have generated a great positive impact on society.

“Being an entrepreneur has very special, very unique characteristics and its role for society is vital, we could not imagine the transformation we have had in our own state, in what Mexico has experienced and in what we have experienced in the world without entrepreneurs” said Xavier Orendáin de Obeso, General Strategic Coordinator of Economic Growth and Development.

Microendo’s achievement in obtaining this recognition demonstrates its commitment to innovation and its positive impact on society. We congratulate Microendo on this outstanding achievement and hope that they will continue to be an inspiring example for future entrepreneurs in Jalisco.



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