Microbiota in plants

What is the Microbiota?

The Microbiota are the communities of living microorganisms that inhabit another living being. A very close relationship is established between the two in which they generally benefit each other, but a neutral or even pathogenic relationship can also be established. In the case of plants, they are the communities of microorganisms that live inside and outside the plant.

The plant and its associated microbiota or endophytes (endophyte which means “within the plant”) can be considered a single entity and it has been shown that the microbiota associated with plants promotes plant growth, nutrient acquisition, resistance to diseases and stress tolerance.

Microendo is the first supplier and developer specialized in biofertilizers for specific crops. We use the plant’s Microbiota for product development.

In this way we offer an organic and crop-specific product that provides better results than a common biofertilizer, gives health to the plants and at the same time recovers the original microbiota of the crops.



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