CRU Fertilizer AgriTech en Dallas

Cristóbal Fonseca, CEO of Microendo attended as a speaker at CRU Fertilizer  AgriTech Forum event in  September 2022, in Dallas, TX, dedicated to exploring the latest developments in the AgriTech space that are driving nutrient use efficiency and advancing sustainability and circular economy principles within the fertilizer industry. The CRU Fertilizer AgriTech Forum brought together established and emerging players […]


Microendo in the top 5 agricultural biotechnology startups Microendo was selected to be in the top 5 agricultural biotechnology startups of StartUs Insights and represent Mexico in this list of startups. We honestly appreciate this choice because it is important for us to stand out in the agricultural world so that more people know the […]


Cristóbal Fonseca CEO of Microendo received an invitation from the Department of Economics of the Nebraska to visit Nebraska to see the state, university facilities and attend to Husker Harvest Days; an event with a world-class space where farmers and ranchers gain priceless insights for their operations while make connections. Known as the world’s largest […]

Microbiota in plants

What is the Microbiota? The Microbiota are the communities of living microorganisms that inhabit another living being. A very close relationship is established between the two in which they generally benefit each other, but a neutral or even pathogenic relationship can also be established. In the case of plants, they are the communities of microorganisms […]

Circular economy

At Microendo we are a company with a circular economy, we are 100% committed to the planet and to reducing global warming. What is the circular economy? Circular economy is a system that seeks to take advantage of resources to reduce, recycle and reuse everything that is discarded and give it a second life. A […]


A talk on microorganisms in agriculture was given to different engineers, producers and advisors form different companies, in order to provide more information on the use of microorganisms in the field. A very interesting conference with a lot of information. At the end, participants were awarded recognition for their attendance.


Currently in several parts of the world drought is causing food shortages and migrations. There is a 93% chance that 2022 to 2026 will be the hottest years in hundreds of year´s. In the past 40 years, more than 12 million hectares have been lost due to drought and desertification. That’s the reason Microendo so we […]


Our CEO Cristóbal Fonseca attended the TechCrunch Climate Session event representing Microendo, a Startup listed in the Top 100 Climate Tech by SOSV in 2022, in this event several topics were discussed about the near future of global warming and how different Startups from all over the world are helping to reverse this, through reducing […]

¡Life Bombs!

Today we join the company ERA Aviación since it has the same interest as us, united by caring for the environment! We collaborate in the life bombs project; the bombs of life are compost capsules where endemic seeds are introduced to later be spread by planes in places that are affected by deforestation! Microendo supported […]